Keep On – Close down Breitenworbis refugee isolation camp in Thüringen

Keep on the struggle to Break Culture of Deportation and against Isolation of the refugees in Germany:
„Rally in Breitenworbis Isolation Refugee Camp: Close the Isolation Lager!“ is the last part of 5 days program from 20 years anniversary of refugee resistance in Germany by The Refugee Refugee Forum Jena.

Protesting goes on since years to spread Information and create the space to discussions to visible the situation of this isolated Lager in Thuringia. Position of the camp very close to the Agricultural and Industrial Waste depot, create an unbearable atmosphere to stay for a moment, that Refugees keep isolated into it for life time. This is a fact for the latest paragraph of „Political Potential of Refugee Position in EU.“

*…In the end just must pay attention and be aware of how colonial injustice keep the oppressor position for themselves by creating insecurity, and produce the refugees to be a reason or bases for state organs to advertise and provoke the nation with social and institutional racism here to save the European supremacy with isolation culture like inside lagers, deportation prisons and criminalize them because of their movements.